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Vietnam Ministry of Health approved Patient Access Program across the country

In partnership with Global American Pharmaceutical Company

Breakthrough Immunology Drug

MedScore Revolutionizes Cancer Patient Access Programs in Vietnam with FinTech Technology

[Hanoi, Vietnam] – [December 28, 2023] – MedScore, a leading FinTech provider of patient access solutions, today received approval from the Vietnam Ministry of Health for its innovative cancer patient access programs offered by global pharmaceutical company.


The program leverages MedScore's innovative credit scoring solutions with geo-location intelligence and banking-level underwriting to digitally assess patients across emerging markets, ensuring they receive the critical treatment they need.

MedScore empowers pharmaceutical companies to effectively reach their underserved patients in Vietnam and the Philippines. By utilizing AI-powered credit scoring technology, MedScore can efficiently evaluate thousands of patients, streamlining the process and granting them access to breakthrough immunology treatment.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between patients in need and life-saving medications,” said Olivia, CEO of MedScore. “With traditional low-digital methods often proving cumbersome and time-consuming, our technology offers a faster, more scalable solution specifically designed for the unique challenges of emerging markets.”

MedScore's comprehensive solution offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: AI-powered assessments streamline the patient evaluation process, enabling pharmaceutical companies to reach a wider pool of qualified patients.

  • Improved Accuracy: Geo-location intelligence and banking-level underwriting ensure accurate patient selection for access programs.

  • Scalability: MedScore's technology can be seamlessly deployed across multiple countries and regions, maximizing program reach.

  • Faster Access to Treatment: By expediting the patient evaluation process, MedScore helps ensure patients receive timely access to critical treatment.

About MedScore

MedScore is a FinTech SaaS company dedicated to improving access to quality treatment for underserved patients in emerging markets, starting with Vietnam and Philippines. Our innovative Patient Household Credit Scoring leverage artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to empower healthcare researchers and pharmaceutical companies to deliver critical care to those in need.

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