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A Fintech SaaS in Healthcare

Originally a Healthcare BNPL (Eye surgery, C-section surgery, and Children Vaccine pay later), MedScore (by EasyGop) revolutionize patient access programs in emerging markets, bridging the gap between affordability and breakthrough treatment for underserved patients.

We provide Patient Credit Scoring for Pharma's Patient Access Programs (FinAid for Patient).

Besides pure commercial (full-price) strategy, Pharma launches Patient Access Program (PAP) with financial aid for patients, typically buy x get extra free scheme, instead of discount drug price in emerging markets. With x is extreme quality patented drug in cancer and rare diseases therapeutic areas.

However, ​these PAP in SEA face critical challenges:

  • Low digital: traditional NGOs and Hospitals, even Global drug distributors cannot conduct financial assessment due to lack of technology and know-how

  • Fraud-prone: PAP get cheated easily with complex income structure and highly underbanked population

  • High management cost: due to manual process and corrupted operations

  • Lack of patient analytics: also due to low digitalization


Together, quality treatment with quality drug is out of reach for underserved patient (almost 100% out of pocket) and not revenue-optimized for Pharma companies. 

Pharma companies currently spends billions for market access purposes in SEA with SEA accounts for 30% of their global drug sales. 

Market access spending according to Economist Intelligence Unit database and BCG (2014):
Vietnam ($3B), Thailand ($7.5B), Philippines ($5.7B), Indonesia ($9B)

Singapore ($1.2B), Malaysia ($1.7B)

We aim to do Market Access as-a-service for Global Pharma Companies accessing emerging markets with innovative Fintech solutions:

(1) AI-driven Affordability Scoring (Means Testing)

(2) Direct Patient Acquisition


Core Advantages 

  • Consumer Finance expert domain (Patient KYC, Fraud detection)

  • Scalable Technology with Localized execution (Scoring based on Geo location intelligence)

Case Study:

Late 2023, MedScore secured a transformative partnership with American Pharmaceutical company to provide patient household credit scoring for their Patient Access Program in Vietnam.


  • Vietnam Ministry of Health approved the program on December 28, 2023.
    One of the largest PAP in Vietnam ever approved

  • Scale: 45+ Hospitals (Tier 1 Public and Private) across the country

  • Onboarded thousand of cancer patient families from almost all provinces (62/63) in Vietnam

  • ​Zero Patient acquisition cost

Further geographical coverage:

  • Philippines (engaged/ cancer drug), Singapore (engaged/ rare disease drug) 

  • Pipeline: India, Indonesia, Thailand


  • Annual Software Licensing 

  • Underwriting Fee per Financial unit profile


  • Equity Investors: Ascend Vietnam Ventures, Son-Tech Investment, and Javis Ventures

  • Grants approved (in Nov 2023) by Australian Development Investments (ADI)

  • Venture Debt Facility with no Commitment Fee

Expert Team:

  • CEO: Olivia - Product and Sales, 8+ years in Consumer Finance Product and Non-life Insurance (ex-GoBear, AIG)
    Co-founders and C-level teams are Experts in Consumer Credit, Healthcare Management, and Pharma Market Access (ex-GoBear, Trusting Social, Property Guru)

    Hands-on advisors:

  • Advisor: Dao Vo / Pharma Market Access (Ex-MSD Director) (US-based)

  • Advisor: Hieu Nguyen / Singapore Ministry of Health Singapore Tech Partner (SG-based)


​For further investment and partnership inquiries, please contact our Founder & CEO:

Thank You

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