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Patient Access with FinTech starts here

We bridge the gap of affordability and breakthrough treatment for underserved patients. Our innovative patient credit scoring and out-of-pocket solutions leverage artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to empower healthcare researchers and pharmaceutical companies to deliver critical treatment to those in need.


Vietnam | Philippines | Singapore | Asia Pacific 

Revolutionize Patient Access 
in Emerging Markets 

Enhance Efficiency

AI-powered assessments streamline the patient evaluation process, enabling fast processing time and increase patient's timely access to treatment

Dazzling Light


Vietnam Ministry of Health approved Patient Access Program for breakthrough immunology cancer drug program across Vietnam.

In partnership with American Global Pharma

Access ​Asia Pacific

​We are a team who live and build solutions for emerging markets, especially our home base in Asia Pacific regions. Immediate geographical coverage is Southeast Asia.

Going beyond? Why not

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​Institutional investors:
Australian Development Investments (ADI)
Ascend Vietnam Ventures
SonTech Investment
Javis Ventures
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